Our blend has been crafted by a team of artists from Northern New Mexico, including the Co-Founder of Meow Wolf, Vince Kadlubek. We realized that there were tons of brain function supplements on the market that were suited for folks who wanted to work harder, develop better memory, or maintain focus at their job. Missing from the shelves was a supplement specifically for artists and creatives looking to tap more deeply into their own imagination. With the growth of the creative economy throughout the world, it felt important to support daily routines that could keep the power of the imagination at the forefront of people’s minds.

Of course, this supplement by itself won’t create the next masterpiece or write the next great screenplay. As is true with fitness supplements, daily exercise and activity is critical to seeing results. But a supplement can become a consistent baseline for a comprehensive routine that may produce remarkable results. When you purchase a monthly supply of The Imagination Pill, we will also share proven activity prompts to better access creative thinking.